Mars Massage 건마 Freshness is the Best

It will be from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.It was delivered.

Tie, aroma and both specials. You can also take your feet.

It’s nice to have 70,100,130 minutes.

Oh, they sell gift certificates.

Isn’t this gift so witty?

I think I’d be so happy to receive it.

It’s just opened, so it’s definitely very neat unlike other places.

In fact, I was disappointed by the cold and poor environment when I went to Sangmo massage place not long ago.

I think I’m going to be a regular in Gaeun Thai. lol

This is the place for foot massage.

It’s a good idea to just take your feet and not your whole body.

You can get intensive care of your feet and legs.

Southeast Asia has a lot of space like that. Now you can enjoy it up close.

You said you wanted to take a nap and take a nap.

They’re private rooms.

Wow, isn’t it amazing?

There’s a wide range of rooms for one to 2.3 people.

Alone, of course, family.I heard that many friends also.

I was so happy that 8cm latex memory foam bed didn’t hurt my back.

I couldn’t lie down on the floor outside of my bed because of the disc, but I didn’t feel 건마 uncomfortable.

Of course, the used linen will be washed right away, so you can trust me.

I wanted to take a nap, so I put a blackout curtain and the picture shook a little bit.

It even has a private closet and TV inside.

It’s cozy and warm, so it’s really nice to sleep in. lol

Let’s start with foot bath after changing clothes!

It’s possible for four people at the same time.

The view is refreshing.

Sitting in a takt, drinking and snacks.

I’m already tired from stepping into the warm water.

You said it was a good thing you came to get a sangmo massage 🙂

After finishing the aroma sage in 100 minutes,

I felt much lighter.

I’m not just a little flustered, I’m just a bunch of talented people.

It felt like my fatigue was gone.

There is also a shower room, so many people who go to work right away use it.

I thought it would be good for those who work shifts to relieve their fatigue.

I think I’ll be a regular in Gaeun Thai. LOL

If you’re looking for a clean and talented sangmo massage, I’d highly recommend it

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